Favored Resources

Last Updated 2014-11-07

Development Tools

  1. iTerm 2 - A feature rich replacement for Mac’s Terminal.app
  2. xCode - The Developer Tools installed with Xcode are required for many Mac Development features. Xcode 6 brings some amazing Mac OS and iOS development features.
  3. Sublime Text 2 - The editor of Choice for Ruby, PHP, Markdown, and more! I absolutely, love the multi-line editing capabilities.
  4. LiveCode - Great for building apps onces and deploying everywhere.
  5. Tower 2 - I use it all the time in my development work-flow. Works great when I forget what command I was suppose to run.

Workflow Tools

  1. Alfred 2 - Mac Yosemite has since upgraded their spotlight feature to behave much like Alfred. Nonetheless, I still use Alfred app for its workflows, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
  2. Moom - I spend a lot of time moving an adjusting windows. Especially, for the screencasts that I record. Moom has been a priceless tool for me that has never let down.
  3. Keyboard - That’s right. The Keyboard settings in your Mac System Preferences area. In order to increase workflow, you just have to learn your computer’s keyboard shortcuts. There’s just no way around that.